The ODE Quality Policy

The quality policy herewith expressed is organised in order to satisfy all the Stakeholder’s expectations and represent the Company guidelines to achieve strategic goals.


ODE commitment is realized in:

Customer loyalty and satisfaction: developing and realizing products which meet customers’ needs, anticipate their expectations, give solutions in order to create competitive advantages and becoming the perfect partner.

Technological innovation: constant seeking of new technological solutions and new products to ensure ODE as a technological market leader.

High quality: making products with the highest qualitative standards, promote the attention to details in all the phases of process.

Governance: constantly ensuring and improving business process by management and technical instruments more innovative and reliable.

Financial resources: constantly improving financial performances to develop intellectual, technological and industrial resources in order to have one of the highest innovation standards.

Conflict Free Minerals: caring to verify supply chain and buy row materials from “Conflict free” areas or, if they are from mines or foundries located in conflict areas, make sure the existence of “Conflict free” certificate.

Made in Italy: believing in “Made in Italy” by using local resources, capacity and skills in order to develop world markets as the natural place of growing for ODE.

Human Resources: promoting staff awareness and leadership as a strategic ingredient, increasing professionalism and internal expertise and an active participation.

Continuous improvement: analyzing internal and external factors which influence the business performance by using Risk Management approach, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities.

Anti-Slavery Policy: commitment to refuse any type of modern slavery, in all ODE plants and in all societies having relationship with ODE.